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Suya is a traditional delicacy that has been tantalizing tastebuds for decades,Suya is skewered beef,marinated,grilled,in a twice heated method which intensifies the smoky flavours creating a nutty meaty outcome it is then cut into thin slices and garnished with Onions,this takes a few hours to prepare which makes it an every hour delicacy for everyone.
Our mission at Aboki Suya is to make customers happy and satisfied by offering high quality,spicy, nourishing Suya of great value at affordable prices,try out our large……(state what u sell at this point and the prices)
Everyday we make Aboki Suya,we make it the best we can,It is a well packaged meat for a real neat treat. It is fresh,hot and spicy Order now from the comfort of your home…
Aboki Suya Spot…real taste,real spices


Behold Our Produce

Behold Our Produce


Hello Y’all!! Indeed every bite of Aboki Suya is worth the hype. Guys! Guys!Guys!!just for the records,Your favorite Aboki Suya is the first African Nigerian restaurant to stream live on Fox News International TV. We appreciate everyone at FOX TV. We equally appreciate all our esteemed and intending customers. Love you all. Aboki Suya real taste, real spices

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